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At Criscione Ravala, LLP, our diverse practice areas encompass a spectrum of legal specialties. From business law, commercial litigation, and intellectual property to real estate, estate planning, and more, our seasoned attorneys offer comprehensive expertise, assisting clients in NYC and Fort Lauderdale. With a deep understanding of these complex legal domains, our corporate lawyers provide tailored solutions that address your unique needs.

Whether you’re a corporation, a small business, or an individual seeking legal guidance, our adept team of experienced business lawyers navigates these practice areas adeptly, providing strategic counsel and robust representation. Trust us to handle your legal concerns with precision, offering personalized solutions that align with your goals and protect your interests.

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Business and Commercial Litigation

When it comes to resolving disputes related to business and commerce, it is essential to have the right legal guidance. Criscione Ravala LLP is a law firm that specializes in Business and Commercial Litigation and provides comprehensive support to help overcome the various challenges that businesses encounter.

Our team of experienced business and commercial litigation lawyers is well-equipped to handle various litigation aspects, including breach of contracts, partnership disputes, and violations related to shareholder or operating agreements.

Business and Contracts Law

Business and Contracts Law is the foundation of commercial dealings that governs transactions, agreements, and partnerships within the business world. At Criscione Ravala, LLP, our experienced team of contract attorneys specializes in this complex legal landscape and offers comprehensive counsel and representation. With a deep understanding of contract law, we handle negotiations, draft agreements, and ensure legal compliance to protect your interests.

Our expertise covers various areas, including contract drafting and review, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, and regulatory compliance. Our contract lawyers help clients in NYC and Fort Lauderdale understand legal implications, manage risks, and capitalize on opportunities in diverse business transactions.

Whether you’re a startup, a well-established corporation, or an entrepreneur, our corporate attorneys provide customized guidance, carefully crafted contracts, and strategic advice.

Employment Litigation

Our law firm, Criscione Ravala LLP, offers a comprehensive employment litigation service that covers various critical aspects of workplace disputes.

Our team of employment lawyers specializes in handling complex legal matters related to discrimination, with a focus on cases involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

International Law

An international law firm like Criscione Ravala, LLP operates on a global scale, offering legal services and counsel across borders and jurisdictions.

With a comprehensive understanding of diverse legal systems and international regulations, our firm assists multinational corporations, businesses, and individuals in navigating complex international legal matters.

Our team of international business lawyers has significant expertise in various areas, including international trade, cross-border transactions, arbitration, and diplomatic negotiations.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of global legal affairs with proficiency and precision.

Injury Litigation

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury can be a very challenging and overwhelming experience. However, our business lawyers are here to help you navigate through this difficult time. We specialize in injury litigation and offer dedicated support in various areas, such as auto accidents, airplane incidents, bike collisions, construction mishaps, slip and fall cases, truck collisions, and wrongful death claims.

Our personal injury lawyers in NYC and Fort Lauderdale are here to be your advocates, providing you with unwavering legal support and working toward a resolution that allows you to focus on your recovery. With our help, you can rest assured that you have a team of experienced professionals on your side who are committed to getting you the compensation and justice you rightfully deserve.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

At our organization, we take pride in delivering top-notch Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. Our seasoned business attorneys and corporate lawyers in NYC and Fort Lauderdale possess an in-depth knowledge of ADR methodologies and employ their expertise to foster positive discussions between conflicted parties. ADR provides a valuable substitute to traditional legal proceedings, as it can lead to prompt, mutually advantageous resolutions that are not only harmonious but also economical.

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